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To many a connoisseur of music Debabrata Biswas
(more known by the nickname “Georgeda”) is the ultimate of Rabindra Sangeet. Debabrata was born in a Brahma family of Kishoregunj (of Mymensingh in Bangladesh) on 22nd August,1911.
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His early gramophone recordings of Tagore songs
brought out in the late 1940s demonstrate soulful full-throated expression of melody with a strict adherence to the rules and norms of tradition, written and unwritten, which he felt obliged to break in the early 1960s - considered by most to be his heyday up to the year 1969.
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Debabrata is no more, but his songs have become an inseparable part of our noble heritage.
A bachelor, a teetotaller, an excellent cook of spiced food, a traditionalist at heart yet posing as a bohemian in a tongue-in- cheek style, and by any standards an eccentric, he lived a simple, modest and spartan life
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